Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



If you wake up with a bitter taste in your soul, perhaps you’re tired of suffering from the same problems with your partner each week. One day it seems that they have overcome this issue that disturbs the relationship and the next day they’re discussing the same thing.

It’s time to let go of that relationship. It doesn’t mean that everything is over but it’s time to concentrate on yourself, to rest from these conflicts that recur constantly and check the best way to take with your pillow.

Imagining other ways of experiencing your routine is a good way to start that change. With or without those who accompany you in this present, the important thing is that you are the best company.

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You’ll see yourself confronted with your selfishness and the way you cling to objects. Earth signs have the tendency to be very attached to their material goods.

Of course, you know how hard earning money is and acquiring everything you own has meant effort that you can’t forget. You might even still be paying for some of them.

Therefore, if someone asks to borrow your car or something of value for you today, you’ll doubt and have reasons to do so. Anyway, you might be able to make exceptions. There’s someone who deserves you saying yes since they have helped you in the past and has been very nice about it.


There are no health problems on your horizon this Sunday Capricorn. You could even enjoy an extra dose of energy that leads you to schedule a nice walk and get some fresh air.

Magic Horoscope recommends that you follow that impulse, otherwise, so much unused energy could drive you to engage in arguments or feel some nervous irritation.