Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 28

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Venus will give your love life an exciting tone. You’ll spend part of the day daydreaming, imagining new worlds and situations that you have never experienced. You’re about to start a wonderful cycle in which love will be your refuge and where you can rest.

That’s something that hasn’t happened in recent times. It has actually been your saddest battlefield and that’s why you feel afraid to start again.

Developing better conversations in which you can express your fears and your anxieties will be the challenge for this afternoon. Don’t stop dreaming of a different life. Visualise and harmonise your imagination with your best wishes, that’s the first step to achieving change.

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A wealthy person wants to sign a contract with you that will bring you many benefits. You might not be able to appreciate these improvements in your life yet because good things often take time to manifest, Capricorn.

Of all the signs of the astral circle, you’re the one who knows about time best and the need for different stages to take place in order for something to develop.

You could receive some money that you didn’t expect. Don’t spend it since you may need it in the future

Your lucky number for today is 65. A number that symbolises the order of growth, perseverance, maturity, these characteristics will bring you closer to success.


If you’re one of the natives who’s suffering from discomfort in the gallbladder, gastritis or other digestive problems don’t ignore the symptoms and ask a doctor. It often depends on a diet change to improve these pathologies.

The natives of your sign are irradiated by the planets that affect their digestive health from the sign of Cancer. This warning is mainly for natives of the third position because Mars in the opposite sign harms them by bringing damage to these organs caused by emotions or anger.