Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You’ll be tired of having to carry all the family responsibility on your shoulders. No one can know how much you’re feeling, the pressure and anguish of feeling lonely in that role that’s been assigned to you and that has nothing to do with your choices or agreement.

This feeling is something you need to share with your loved ones. If you don’t speak, no one can guess what’s happening to you and that way you get stuck in a cycle that’s difficult for you to get out of on your own.

Your partner can help you change this situation. If you’re single, you can seek help from a friend you trust. They’ll know how to comfort you and give you advice.


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For a few days, it seems that the planets are aligned to your advantage in terms of finances. You have a lot to be grateful for regarding money and your professional life.

The important thing is that when life smiles at you, you don’t become a tyrant. Not everyone is as lucky as you and you know it.

The natives of Capricorn are known for their ability to save money, you’ll always have the necessary resources for your basic needs. You may even have to lend a hand to other people. Helping those who need it will always result in blessings.

Your lucky number today is 9. This number symbolises human ideals, you’ll have nature as an ally and matter as a factor of success.


You have to protect yourself from the bad vibes that some people in your daily environment emit. You can’t continue thinking it’s not important, because it is and a lot.

Negative thoughts, envy, sadness, hatred are all energy fields that expand in the environment where that person is feeling and contaminate everything. You’re part of that whole, Capricorn, so when you can, take a bath with lavender and rosemary oil and a handful of sea salt to free yourself of that density.