Capricorn Magic Horoscope 6
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You’re likely to realise that you’ve invested too much energy in your work life and too little in your love life Capricorn.

Because you can’t remember when you have last told someone you loved them and if you do, you haven’t really meant it. Doing things automatically and the force of habit take part of the essence of love.

You need to look inside and recognise the love you feel so you can communicate it the best way you can and reach the recipient of your feelings.

Getting out of the storm that leads you to forget the most important thing isn’t so hard once you set your mind to it, Capricorn.

Mercury in Libra will be the engine to understand the way in which a very important person in your life feels and thinks.

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You find an opportunity to be part of a project or idea that interests you. You have to think about accepting or rejecting this offer, Capricorn.

It could be risky, but it’s part of your dreams and you know that you can’t win without risk. You’ll have to step forward and respond to this offer.

On Saturday, you can enjoy the ideal opportunity to meditate the answer to your doubts, evaluate the risks of a business, contemplate your position, investigate the market and the radius of action involved.

You’ve formed a strong sense of stability and responsibility that you won’t lose even if you embark on a new adventure. You’re brave, Capricorn.


You could feel some melancholy or sadness today. You have to make an effort not to let the feeling of failure get you down.

A simple way to improve your mood is to do some exercise or to go for a walk in nature. Contact with nature will give you a fresh point of view that will improve your whole organism and your mood.

Let the sun and air into your life, open your eyes to the small wonders that happen and exist all over the world.