Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 29

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The Moon in the sensitive Pisces sign influences Capricorn positively as it proposes scenarios of greater kindness and understanding.

Make the most of the possibility of expressing what you feel and hearing the song of love in your heart.

Move forward with total confidence, you have the key to open the doors to this love, allow your heart to experience new situations or things that are out of the ordinary. Not all love stories are the same nor should all their stages be experienced in the same way as you’ve been told. Your story will be different, it’ll take the shape you want it to.

If you’re single, you’ll receive invitations to social situations that you find very interesting in which you can meet new people that will stimulate your creative and intellectual side.


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Something you were waiting for finally happens and acquires the meaning you wanted by attracting long-awaited success to your life.

It won’t be long before you see the results of your efforts and you can enjoy them with your family and friends. It’s not just about money, but about the good reputation, you’re forging from the planetary alignments that are happening for the natives of your sign.

Prepare your mind to assimilate a number of changes that will begin today regarding your career. What you’ve been asking the Universe seems like it might arrive soon. Don’t regret anything and be grateful for the opportunities you have.


The planetary influence, in general, is positive for the natives of Capricorn. Your health is good, but you might be sensitive to the sounds and lighting of crowded places. Avoid shopping centres, public offices and all spaces in which being with large amounts of people is inevitable as much as possible.

The astral energy endows you with a specific sensibility that can generate headaches, blurry vision, stress and fatigue.