Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




It’s time to start reaping what you’ve sown, Capricorn.

If you look back, with all the problems you’ve been able to solve, it’ll seem impossible to even be alive.

News of celebrations, weddings or births arrive and they will fill your heart with tenderness and joy.

If you’re in a relationship, you may experience a day of intense satisfaction. You’ll feel deeply loved and valued as never before. Your qualities will be valued and you’ll see your best characteristics reborn. Because if you feel recognised, everything good is strengthened in your life.

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You may come to conclusions today regarding issues that worried you about money or your professional situation. If you were experiencing confusing situations that were annoying you, it’s time to talk about how to solve these issues. Clear doubts, clarify the points that are important to you and think that part of this issue is your responsibility.

The planets Saturn and Pluto continue in your sign and reinforce the moment of change you’ve achieved with work and some effort that you’ve been experiencing for a while.

But now you receive, Capricorn. There is a lot of activity in Virgo. The support of the planet Mars and the Sun that from this Earth sign propel you to make the changes and move in the direction of your dreams and ideals. This will more strongly affect those born between December 30 and January 10.


If you’re noticing that you’re scattered and have some attention problems, it may be due to stress and fatigue. Daily life demands a lot of energy from you and that could be a cause of mental fatigue.

Take up the healthy habit of reading, writing an intimate diary, playing crosswords or chess. You’ll see that your concentration improves. Today, your mood will be wonderful if you have fun instead of thinking about your problems for hours and hours.