Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 29

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Today you will be governed by your sexual impulses, and you will seek out an intimate encounter. You've been having flashbacks from past experiences and adventures, and you'd like to relive those moments. 

Luck is on your side, Capricorn and you will find that special someone. Find a discreet place where no one can disturb you and make the most of the passionate moment. Perhaps you could add some romantic touches, such as candles or fragrant aromas. Dare to exit your comfort zone. 

Single Capricorns have a fantastic night in store together with a special someone that they find in the least expected place. Keep your eyes peeled if you're out and about today. 


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The key to a successful day is effective communication. Learn how to express your needs and points of view in a clear yet empathetic way; unlike your usual cold and stern tone. This will be your challenge for this afternoon, Capricorn. 

You may start a new fun job or project that could result in extra income. It might start off small and without any real prospects, but trust your diligence and ability to work hard, and you might experience the rise of a brand new business. 

Make a wish today if you run across the lucky numbers 321 and 47. 


The daily hustle and bustle is costing you your time off and hobbies. You need to prioritize yourself otherwise you won't have any energy left, for yourself or those around you. 

Reserve an hour this afternoon and spend it alone, try to reconnect with your inner self. You know very well how amazing it feels to go for a walk and enjoy some fresh air or sit and contemplate the sky - you will feel much more relaxed and energized.