Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You want to be free. You don’t want anyone controlling your comings and goings. Nobody should interfere in your decisions or question your choices. You also want to spend your money as you please. Well, of course, Capricorn. They are the influences of the moon in the neighbour sign of Aquarius.

The positive of this influence is that you’re more willing to have fun, to go out with eccentric people who show you other ways of doing things. Don’t repress or feel intimidated, your soul will be nourished with the lightness of a magical night.

The goats that are experiencing a single period will be being influenced by the stars to experience a night of wild and playful love.

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You get news. You’ll receive money from an inheritance, bequest, court order or a similar matter. This money helps you balance your accounts. You’ve had some disruptions in your expenses and you have to face new commitments.

Don’t relax because money isn’t elastic and it doesn’t grow on trees. And if you act irresponsibly, life will give you headaches in return. It’s better to advance in small, firm steps and short stretches than to advance a lot and get stuck along the way.

Trust your inner wisdom.


Since you started a new routine you’ve seen that you can achieve things, even if only small results.

All the efforts you make for the benefit of your health receive a prize that’s invaluable. If you start a new habit today you won’t regret it because the stars push you with more energy than other days.

If you’re eager to discover a new sport that someone has recommended you, don’t hesitate and attend your first class without fail. A new way of feeling your muscles and integrating each part of your body opens in front of you.