Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




What a beautiful day that’s full of surprises when it comes to romance and your love life. An aspect of Saturn predisposes you to a loving relationship with an older person that you’ve fallen in love with without realising it.

You had never before felt attracted to someone from another generation, with other tastes, other interests and other habits, but this will be a very enriching experience that you’ll keep forever in your heart.

Those who’ve been in a relationship for a long time have a good reason to celebrate being together and have won so many battles, not without sacrifices Capricorn.

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You’ll feel inspired to find a new team at work. The tools you use in general are becoming obsolete, old or retro if you want to say it in a more pleasant way.

You’ve often thought about overcoming your own limitations when you think about it, it doesn’t seem so complicated. When you try to do it, you get scared. You feel incapable or small, but don’t think that’s true.

It’s a sensation that you can dissolve by putting your perseverance at your service, without judging yourself or setting very distant goals. Step by step, you can consolidate a change.

Your lucky number for today is 202. This is a number that invites you to feel the assistance of your spiritual guides to consolidate your goals. You deserve the best.


The planetary alignments today can bring alterations to your metabolism. If you let yourself get carried away by fatigue or sadness you could suffer the appearance of a disease that could become chronic. In particular, if you’re one of those who has problems with your nervous system, thyroids, kidneys or diabetes.

Support your awareness of the gifts you have been given and give thanks for them. If you concentrate on the positive you’ll feel better.