Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Enjoying your life with the person you love brings only beauty to your life. You feel more confident that your choice is the right one every day that passes in this romantic situation. If you haven’t yet asked that special someone to marry you, today is the right day to do it.

Show your love without reservations Capricorn, give your heart away and it will be received tenderly. Don’t fear the pain of rejection as you’re in a critical moment of growth in which you might be your worst enemy.

If rejection comes from outside, that’s not really a reason to worry. The problem is that you don’t value what you have and what you give to others.

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If you feel cheated regarding your trust, today is the day to settle the score with that person who has taken too much from you.

That typical family member who only speaks to you when they need you and takes every opportunity to ask you for money. Of course, they don’t end up being so lovable. Maybe it’s time to show them that you’re not going to fall for their emotional blackmail any more.

You’ll feel very bad when you see that they approach you once again with unclear motives, even if you’re not very nice. Abusers have no problem in turning a blind eye to any claim or hostility.

You might have to be clear with your words this time. Tell them what you think and deny them your favours. Don’t feel guilty.


Trust in your body’s ability to heal its cells. Trusting in your body’s nature to heal favours any treatment you should undergo these days. Today you can make the most of the prevailing energy to communicate with each of your cells and ask them to be healed with love. You’ll see how good you feel with this exercise.