Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The stars will keep you company today as you float around in a sea of emotions. Their influence will enable you to live life to the full, free to make your own decisions and live by them. You are responsible for your own fate. 

Make sure you put family first and find time to meet your loved ones, young and old alike. These moments help charge you and help you reconnect with your inner child. 

You could suggest a board game or perhaps a fun adventure with the young ones. 

Natives of this sign will likely meet someone who will help them get in touch with their inner emotions. Love that shines brightly and clears the clouds that sometime follow you around, Capricorn. 

Look for the company of Gemini or Sagittarius natives. 


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You will inspire someone close to you to make some changes in the way they do business. You have many pieces of advice to give and many ideas to share which will ultimately help you further your plans. 

Break free from the fatalism that marks your sign and take comfort in your inner strength that will pave the way for bigger, brighter things. 

Feel free to try out different things in order to get to your goal. Don't hold back, it's perfectly fine to make mistakes along the way. 

The lucky numbers for today are 78 and 401. 



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