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You have more clarity than you've ever had and you're looking forward to finishing all the arguments that you've been having on the same subject. 

The Moon's influence on your subconscious means that hidden enemies might betray you and despite all your efforts, they will try to come for you with any chance they have. 

Try to stay away from negative people and keep yourself busy with entertaining and distracting activities. 

Your dominant character will make you overstep other people's boundaries, especially when you're dead set on winning an argument and digging up past histories. Respect people's opinions when you're talking to them and try to keep your focus on the things that matter. 



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When at work, try to measure your words and stay away from making complaints or airing out the dirty laundry you share with a colleague. You could compromise yourself to the point of having your ideas sabotaged so keep calm and try to be more tolerant. 

Remember that when the time comes to implement your ideas, you will need people by your side. Pay attention to all the details and draft up a comprehensive budget; your managerial success will depend on this. 

The success of your professional endeavors will be guaranteed once you realize that you need to improve your work relationships. 


Today you might feel melancholic, perhaps a bit sad. Think about the damage you could be doing to yourself with these negative thoughts. Prolonged feelings of sorrow can give way to illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and eating disorders. 

You could seek a therapist's help and try to deal with your emotional difficulties. There are also activity workshops you can join where you could meet people with similar interests. It could be the theater, bowling, gardening, hiking, or vegan cuisine, among others.