Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The moon is in your complementary sign, Cancer. This means that your experiences over the next few hours will feel like a mirror. Many of the problems you have today are a reflection of what bothers you about yourself. If something irritates you, it’s likely that this characteristic is in the person who bothers you so much. The same will happen with the personality traits that you perceive in a positive way. What you like about the person you love is somehow inside you.

Working with the energy of the complementary opposite sign will make you find your tenderness and your softness. Express your love without fears.

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It is a great day to develop an idea of ??entrepreneurship, particularly if it is related to food or caring for people. All your antennas are tuned in the direction of the best business opportunities. Look for the signs Capricorn. If something catches your attention it’s very possible that you should think about some details that you don’t know.

If you are short of money and you need to buy an item that is expensive in itself, it’s preferable that you wait to buy it so you can buy one at a better price but of dubious quality. You should suspect when the price is so different for something with the same characteristics. Check with those who understand more about it to discover the pros and cons. You already know what the pros are: a ridiculous price, but the cons can be many.


If you have a strange little pain that you can’t determine what it is, don’t try to decipher it yourself using the internet. There is a lot of information online about the symptoms of different ailments and their treatment but in no way is that going to replace checking with a doctor. If you find it important, ask for a professional consultation.