Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 3

Your Horoscope for Monday
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The new Moon of Gemini will attract new sensations to your love life that you won’t easily forget. Those who are in a relationship that’s just beginning will spend the day talking, getting to know each other and discovering the things they have in common. Much of what you talk about today paints a very positive vision of the future that you can come true without difficulty.

New moons offer a good time for sowing seeds and visions of desired futures. Make the most of it and look for ways to achieve what you desire.

The natives of the second position are at the doors of a new emotional cycle that will bring them a lot of experience and a new understanding of the way in which they express their feelings. Words will be necessary to explain some confusing aspects of what they have in common. Setting precedents is very important.

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It’s an excellent day to get out of the house and look for a new job. Those who are currently out of work are in astrological conditions of running into the job they’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

You feel a strong need to change the way you access the money you need. That’s why it’s very likely that you look for new ways through businesses that you have little experience with.

The people of your sign are known for their perseverance and for the courage they show when they face difficult situations. You’re experiencing a new stage of your life in which you can sow the success you so desire in your life. Go ahead, Capricorn!


Of all the signs, yours is the one that looks the youngest as the years go by. You were born with characteristics that could make you look older, but you rejuvenate each year thanks to your responsible attitude about your body and because you are aware of your needs.

Enjoy the energy and vitality you’re experiencing today.