Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



The present moment is all that matters, and everything you have right now is what is truly important. The past is long gone while the future is unknown, so try not to complain or get distracted. 

Staying connected in the "now" is what fills you with confidence and makes you shine in front of your significant other. As soon as you let yourself go, the relationship will flourish even more. 

You should, however, stay away from people that expect you to do everything for them. They behave just like parasites, and you should cut them off as soon as possible. They drain you of energy, and their love is not genuine. 

Single Capricorns could try and get to know that special person that they're interested in by asking them out. 



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Self-control and calmness are two of your main traits, and you will definitely need to use them this afternoon. You will be faced with an exorbitant expense that will come up today, but you need to make sure that you avoid it.  

If you let yourself panic, you might end up in a sticky financial situation that will very soon overwhelm you. 

Measuring one's steps before making a decision is a priceless skill to have nowadays. Don't forget how in the past you were able to control your spending; if it's not something that you desperately need then don't buy it. 


Resting is precisely what you need, and today you'll be able to sleep in compared to the rest of the week; you'll feel rejuvenated and in high spirits. 

Make the most of your sexual energy and throw yourself in the arms of passion. Hormone levels are ideal to start your week full throttle.