Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




A new chapter in the story of your life is about to begin. The days of conflict and arguments are coming to an end. You can’t live in a permanent state of confrontation, so you’ll take a new internal path. The stars help you not to react every time someone in your immediate environment speaks to you in a bad way or talks to you in an aggressive way.

You might have been bearing the burden of someone else’s guilt lately without it being anything to do with you and that has left a bitter taste in your mouth and pain that’s hard to remove from your heart.

The stars help you to free yourself from fear and sadness. You’ll feel liberated from all sorrow. Cheer up Capricorn!


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You’ll be having a lot of fun when doing your tasks. They haven’t changed, what’s changing is the way in which you face life. So you’ll find that there’s a lot in your role that you can enjoy.

The planetary alignments of today show that you have a very lucky day ahead in which everything will turn out as you wish. It may seem like a coincidence but in reality, it’s synchrony that responds to your good attitudes and your effort to go in the right direction.

It’s a perfect day to connect with people who can boost your career or workspace.


The good position of some planets is special Uranus, are bringing some conditions that have a negative impact on your health to an end.This astral form also helps to end medical treatments or to stop taking special care with respect to parts of your body that were quite weak. You can feel relief in this sense.