Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 30

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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The planetary influence for this Tuesday shows some confusion in communication that triggers verbal aggressions or harsh arguments.

Happiness always comes back, don’t think that a difficult morning is the total result of your relationship.

If you have to apologize, don’t think about it. People react better when they notice humility and goodwill.

Don’t hesitate to approach that person who’s waiting for you. You know how much they’ve suffered. Your company and your words can give them encouragement and hope. It’s about helping someone who’s having a difficult time. “What goes around comes around” doesn’t it? Remember the times you’ve been in situations of weakness and have been accompanied and counselled with love.


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You’ll feel very strong in the face of adversity. Life will give you the need of having to decide if you leave a business relationship behind or at least change the way it works. You have to face an unpleasant encounter with a person from whom your income depends.

Try not to feel inferior because you would lose your ability to develop a plan or describe your perception of the conflict. Remember that the final result depends on the way you communicate.

Being aware of what you say is very important today, since there’s a tendency to aggression and impulses.

The gem of fortune for the natives of Capricorn for today is the amethyst. This semiprecious gem will give you the concentration and the necessary firmness to solve your affairs successfully.


You have to be careful with hasty actions. Mercury is contributing to very bad energies and it makes you prone to suffering accidents. In particular, the natives of the second position should pay more attention when using sharp objects or driving their car.