Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You can start saying goodbye to that habit of having breakfast in silence and solitude because you’ll soon have a coffee mug in your breakfast room.

Someone will tell you they love you so intensely that you won’t be able to resist an experimental coexistence. There’s no way you can refuse love when there’s so much of it. It will be very exciting. Think that nobody is going to love you in this special way and it depends on you to feed the feeling of fulfilment that you both can have.

Your life together looks great, it’s something that will awaken the admiration of your friends. They didn’t know you had such a sweet relationship and they’ll be very happy for you.


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Don’t get distracted when you go out because you can forget an important document that delays some paperwork you have to do. If you look closely at your possibilities, you’ll realise that it’s possible for you to allocate a sum of money to do that trip that you’ve been so excited about for so long. A sum of money that you know you can recover by saving on silly things that you can easily do without and that’ll even benefit you if you give them up.

You’re doing well when it comes to finances with a level head and skills worthy of an accountant.

Success is getting closer every day. You’ll have the opportunity to excel in business by participating in a trade fair or specialised exhibition.


Love and the positive events you’re enjoying at the moment give you an aura of balance and health. You feel strong and energetic, you could climb Mount Everest or cross the Amazon jungle. All because of the joy this new life gives you that is starting for you, Capricorn.

Accompany this moment with good habits to keep feeling energised and joy continues to be present in your routine.