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Passion explodes in your heart today. You trust that your sex appeal will lead you to make a distant and cold person who drives you crazy fall for you. Don’t get sad if you have no evidence that it’s not working. You don’t always win the same way and not everyone shows their desire like you.

The joy you radiate today is contagious and attracts many people around you. You receive a clear sign of the importance of courage in human relationships.

If you’re happy, you receive more joy and if you’re down, it’s more difficult for you to attract anyone, like if you say negative things. Everything grows exponentially. This is the Law of Attraction in Metaphysics.

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Being patient regarding money seems to be the number one slogan of the day. Of course, you’ve been waiting for things to happen just the way you want them to.

You’ve lost many opportunities in the past because of that custom of expecting to be excellent at everything Capricorn.

It’s time to work on the idea of merit today. You deserve good things even if nobody shows you. It seems that the message you’ve received since childhood has had terrible results: you’re not enough, you can develop better skills every day and you know it well.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign today is 221, which according to angelic numerology, tells you that if you persist in maintaining positive thoughts and phrases and words you say every day, your life experience and that of your relatives will be better.


Capricorn, your health is very good, you feel rested.  Vitality is being blessed by the stars. Magic Horoscope suggests that you don’t wear out with situations that you can’t solve. Drop the need for control and you'll find inner peace.