Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 31

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You keep wanting to have meaningful conversations with your significant other, but you feel like lately, you keep getting interrupted. As soon as you start making your point, either the phone rings or you digress to other topics. 

This uncertain situation needs to come to an end; it's not good for you to keep doubting what your loved one thinks of you. 

Usually, these conversations get glazed by, brushed under the carpet ready to be picked up another day, in the same fashion. Make the most of today's astral influence and improve your communication, try to clarify your feelings and your needs. 



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You will experience an unpleasant situation at work when two people will fight in your presence. Try to keep a neutral stance and not pass any judgment. Your future with those people depends on your ability to be discreet about today's incident. 

The astral energies are incredibly favorable regarding intellectual tasks today. You will feel alert and awake, ready to cope with mental work, exams, studies, or tax procedures

You could make the most of today and write e-mails, come up with new projects or business ideas. 


Anxiety and emotional tension might lead you to feel slightly hypochondriac. You panic at the first sign of pain or unusual symptom, and you find yourself pacing up and down because of stomach issues or some other random discomfort. 

Magic Horoscope recommends that you stop researching the internet regarding your symptoms because you'll only worry yourself more. 

See your doctor and put your mind at ease.