Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


You’ll have the opportunity of recovering a relationship that was interrupted by arguments or upsets of the past.

A chance encounter in a family reunion puts you face to face with someone who has offended you and you’ll notice that you no longer feel upset. Don’t let your proud attitude deprive you of the possibility of erasing the past and giving feeling a new opportunity.

Have you never been wrong?Knowing how to forgive is something that benefits you the most. It frees you from resentment and from many physical ailments. It doesn’t mean that the wound didn’t exist but that you’re freed from the past to follow life forward.

A good solar aspect favours the natives of the last position when it comes to love.


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Today you’ll see how much truth there is in that vision of the Universe bringing you everything you deserve. You’ve made so many efforts you have made to make your home look good, comfortable, clean and nice. It seemed that they would never pay off but today you’ll see that it does.

You’ll get a new business proposal thanks to your restoration and interior design skills. It could be a very good source of income. Getting involved in a small household maintenance business can be a great source of income.


The stars are affecting your health in a way you never imagined. When you get up you could suffer great pain in your feet.

Do you know that people walk an average of ten thousand steps a day? That’s why the feet, often forgotten, are a part of the body that deserves to be taken care of. Have your tread checked, trim your nails and massage your feet with peppermint oil to reactivate the blood flow in this area of the body.

If you feel pain in your heels or in the arches, you should seek help from a medical specialist Capricorn.