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Expect the biggest surprises of your life when you surrender to love today. It won’t be an ordinary day for you. The events that you could witness are something that you didn’t imagine and that will nevertheless be part of your reality and your most memorable stories.

Everyone has a story to tell their grandchildren and you can take it for granted that you’ll have a very special one.

Those who’re single will have to face tolerating unusual responses without getting upset. The challenge will be understanding that things aren’t always the usual way. There are very different types of people and you shouldn’t close yourself to the unknown.

Even if the proposal is to have an online relationship with someone, don’t say no, Capricorn. Love has also changed in this century and something different can bring you a lot of good things.

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Reality seems boring. You don’t have much energy for work and you’ll still have to face many difficulties today.

It may be due to your lack of concentration, but much of what you do today will be unpredictable. That’s why you should face the day at work with more attention than you usually do.

The natives of the first position are being stimulated by the planetary aspects to change many of their habits and opinions about life.

If you don’t give in to the change your conditions will get worse. Move like grass in the wind, be flexible, this way you’ll avoid breaking.


You need to rest, Capricorn. This week has been pure adrenaline and you’ve been sleeping just enough.

The things you’ve experienced have taken much of your vitality. Eat something light for dinner, put your pyjamas on and lie on your sofa to watch a film and if you can, stay at home tonight. Your body will be very grateful.