Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The children in your family are acting mischievous, and you're struggling to stay calm. You either have to help them with something or get them out of unexpected trouble. 

Try not to get too upset and remember that anger makes you lose your temper. Children learn through experimenting, but sometimes they stray from the right path. 

Recall the years that you were a child and try to keep that in mind next time the kids upset you. 

Younger natives of this sign will be tempted to pursue relationships with people who are already committed. Listen to your heart before you make any decisions. 


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You count with the support of all the planets in achieving your dreams. The joy of living is something you cannot go without if you want to start manifesting your desires. 

Start your week with a smile on, a pleasant comment and a friendly look - it can result in a better response from people than an inquisitive approach would. 

Make the most of your positive side and you'll see how your friends and colleagues will follow your lead. 


If you're trying out a diet but you haven't gotten any professional guidance you need to take things slowly and not hurt yourself. 

It's a great idea to lose weight and prevent certain medical problems but it's risky to embark on such a voyage if you don't know your health status or the side effects you could have. 

Try working out half an hour daily and base your diet on whole grains and fruit, low-fat dairy and cut out the sweets and pasta. Be aware of your body and that you need to take more care of yourself starting with your eating habits. 

The important thing is to get up and start moving!