Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 4

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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If you’re one of those natives who’re in a relationship, today you’re in a good position to show the benefits of living with you. You help your partner with a problem that makes them very anxious. You have the feeling of living in an epic film. Your attitude is almost heroic. Something more is in your favour. However, the stress of feeling demanded will weigh you down. You wouldn’t want to always have to be the hero.

Don’t worry so much, Capricorn. You can say no when you feel it’s too much.

 Don’t avoid considering your current situation. You’re developing your personal knowledge and that often means letting go of people or roles that are no longer useful. Don’t feel that you’re static. Life is in permanent movement.

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Be careful when taking on new commitments in your career. You’ll feel suffocated by your obligations and the week has only just begun. You have many days ahead until you can rest and have a break from your routine.

If you feel you’re going through a tough or boring period, don’t do anything crazy as this feeling will pass.

Those who are studying or finishing courses or degrees have planetary aspects that favour the fulfillment of goals, handing in papers or sitting exams. The energy of the Stars is available to you, Capricorn. Make the most of this opportunity.


There are many stimulants to prevent this fatigue that’s affecting your body and your mental activity. Vitamin supplements are very good but sometimes not enough to feel energised to do things and keep up with everything you’ve scheduled in.

 Have you heard about the properties of green tea?  It’s magical and about two cups of this tea will help you stay awake, energised and with an active metabolism. And unlike coffee, it protects you from cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.