Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The planet's position is influencing you to feel braver and perhaps take the next step in your romantic relationship. 

You have fiery Mars by your side, and it will show in your sexual drive and naughty behavior, your seduction powers will be at their highest today.

Don't shy away from difficult conversations; you are ready to improve the way you relate to those around you without fear of rejection. Old wounds will feel healed today - both yours as well as the ones you've inflicted on others. 

Today is ideal to start from scratch with someone who you were previously romantically involved. Shuffle this new deck of cards that life has given you and try your hand at love once again. 


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The Moon's placement in your financial house will help you to progress in your professional endeavors. Technological improvements will also facilitate the way you do your job. 

If you start your day full of confidence and with faith that today's news will be positive, you will unlock even more abundance.

Rely on your own strengths and try to stay clear of dubious loans from companies you don't know very well. Scammers are everywhere, be careful not to fall into their traps. 


It's about time that you had your joints checked out. Saturn's transit through your signs has put a strain on you, make sure you take more care of yourself. 

Find a good yoga class; it's vital that you dedicate a few hours a week to stretch and center yourself. 

Yoga is extremely beneficial for the mind and body; it burns calories and keeps your muscles and joints in good shape. 

Balance your emotions and clear your mind with breathing techniques