Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You feel free. Many parts of your life have changed and you can breathe the clean and renewed air of a different existence.

The moon in transit through the earth sign, Taurus, connects you with your physical needs so that you allow yourself to get carried away by the pleasures of the body.

Check how you treat yourself, the way you take care of yourself and the way you show your love towards yourself and towards others.

The natives who are single can expect a night in which they’ll be endowed with a unique charm and they’ll vibrate a tone of seduction and special sensuality.


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Your regent, Saturn, is retrograde. That indicates a need to take time to think and reorganise. When the stars become retrograde they invite us to rethink the issues that are linked to their energy. In this case, you should review everything related to the responsibilities and limits that you impose on yourself.

Analyse if you’re depriving yourself of something you deserve or that should already be your right.

You have become accustomed to missing things, to have more burdens than you should, to take responsibility for the failures of others. Today’s alignments ask you to find a way of changing this energetic disposition that has been with you for some time.


Your mind is calm again and that helps you feel much better than how you were feeling last week. It’s Saturday and your body knows it wants to rest and party. Caress your soul the way you can’t during the week due to your busy schedule.

A good bath with flower petals or perfumed sea salts, a visit to a jacuzzi, a walk along the seashore. You know what makes you feel good.