Capricorn Magic Horoscope 5
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


In the afternoon, the moon is placed in your area of ??the Zodiac and that’s something that usually coincides with good emotional moments for the natives of Capricorn.

The astral sky looks peaceful and good full of omens. Happiness is achieved by taking the right path to the heart Capricorn. Perhaps you’re doubting: you have to take an important step in your life and you don’t know if it’s the right path.

Don’t be afraid, even if you feel you could be wrong, it’s time to see this impulse through.

If you have someone to talk to, you could have a friendly encounter to free yourself from so many doubts. Listen to your words and feel your heart.


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Even if you’re not a millionaire, today you feel fulfilled. You’ve made it to Friday having paid all your debts and services. You feel on the rise and nobody has given you anything for free. Everything you’ve achieved has been the result of your effort.

But the main thing this Friday is that it can be a day in which you realise ??that wealth isn’t about money but made up of various things and the stars call you to think about it. Family, friendship and health are some of those treasures that bring wealth to our lives even if they can’t be deposited in the bank, Capricorn.

You’ve made many efforts in the past and now you start to perceive the benefits of so much work. Enjoy the day and its fullness. You have to know how to take a break when relaxing times arrive.


Today you’ll feel confident, energised, calm and that affects your whole body.

The calm you feel helps you recognise the blessings that come into your life.

If you’re affected by a medical condition or illness, it’s an excellent time to rely on positive thoughts and healing visualisations.