Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 4

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Today is a fantastic day in which you feel that you can reap everything you have sown in your love life in the past. The natives of Capricorn who have a family of their own can be calm since the efforts they have made in the past will be acknowledged by their partners and children and that will fill their heart with good feelings and desires to continue traveling the same path together.

For the natives of Capricorn who are single, Magic Horoscope assures you that you’ll meet someone great soon. It could be someone who’s different from everything you’ve dreamed of. They may not meet the expectations of your loved ones, but what’s certain, Capricorn is that it’s the love you need at the moment to grow and evolve.

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Evading certain responsibilities isn’t your style, Capricorn. Even when everyone escapes certain standards, you comply with them because of the way you overcome laziness or the desire to save.

Today you’ll receive the rewards for your good attitude towards responsibilities. A new position in the company, a prize from the bank where you have your money or a client that pays more in gratitude for your work. These are ways that the Universe has of showing you to keep going, that your path is blessed and that the stars know about your effort.

Magic Horoscope recommends that you don’t stop opening your mail today, great news is coming.


If you feel weak or tired you can try the effects of chemotherapy. This technique appeals to the power of colours over the health and mood of human beings.

Wear colourful clothes today. Turquoise, for example, combines joy, vitality and serenity. Try the colour you prefer although you should know that green is the most vibrant colour of your sign.