Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Make the most of this afternoon and experience a passionate encounter that will make you feel like a movie star. You can go to an elegant restaurant, have a candle-lit dinner and enjoy a romantic walk. 

This might help you patch things up with your significant other so feel free to try anything you think might help the relationship

If you're a native Capricorn still waiting to reconcile with your partner, you need to give it time and focus your mind on other aspects. The planets are in a neutral position in the Zodiac which might influence you to shy away from any commitment. 



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Make sure to consult a lawyer before you agree to sign any documents. Your money house will be stimulated by Mercury's presence, and you should take precautions regarding any financial decision you make. 

Stay calm and focused on finishing off the projects you've already started but do not embark on new ones. 

Capricorn natives born in the last decan are likely to receive news they had been waiting for a long time. 


You're experiencing a lot of stress which is taking its toll on your gums. If you noticed bleeding when you brush your teeth, try to avoid smoking and buy a softer toothbrush. Set a visit with the dentist and in the meantime use lukewarm mineral water and salt to clean out your mouth and stop any bleeding. 

Alternative medicine connects the gums with decision making. Think about any unresolved issues that you might have and ask your angels for guidance.