Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




A very romantic day is approaching, in which sweet murmurs and declarations of love stand out. Love is just around the corner, waiting for you both at social gatherings and at family gatherings.

The encounters with loved ones will bring a surprise. Someone who’s very dear to you returns after a long time. Enjoy sharing a good conversation. They’ll take you on a trip with their stories.

Don’t ignore the possibility of having fun in a meeting where it seems that nothing is going to happen, sometimes life surprises you.

The good disposition of your regent with the moon favours the enjoyment of the simple things in life. Sexuality develops with these aspects and provides greater satisfaction than other days.


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Remember what happened the last time you lent someone money. The stars show that you could be put to the test in your generosity once again. If you return to the past with your memory you can remember that you have been generous with someone who didn’t deserve it.

That event that happened not so long ago has led you to cultivate a feeling of distrust and suspicion that you shouldn’t use with everyone. Not all people break their promises. Actually, all beings of good will like to pay their debts.

If you can help someone who needs it, you’ll be rewarded by life, who’ll give you much more. You know well that not all the good things in life have a price and they can’t be bought with money.

Share your abundance with good judgement Capricorn.


Eating four times a day is important for your body to feel good. The problem with skipping breakfast is that you can eat too much during lunch. You’re starving and you eat more than you should in one meal and then you feel terrible. Try to avoid these outbursts at a family meal.