Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 5

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Fear not, Capricorn, nobody is going to break your heart if you deal with the truth. Remember that anxiety can lead you to states that are difficult to manage. If you’re waiting for a phone call or a message, it’s likely that you’ll be in a situation of weakness or dependence.

Most people may believe that you are strong and distant, Capricorn, but inside you are sweet and dependent on those you love.

The natives who are in a relationship will have to face a conversation that they fear but that will help them clarify many things regarding the situation they’re experiencing at the moment.

Today isn’t an evasion day. It’s time, to be honest, and show everything you feel.

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You have all the tools to succeed, Capricorn. Perhaps you’re trying to start working for a company or win a contest or scholarship. If so, trust that the gods of the Zodiac accompany you and bless you with their good energy.

Magic Horoscope warns you against possible confusion about dates or times so it’s a good idea to set alarms or place notes on your fridge to help your memory.

You won’t want to miss an important appointment because of an oversight or a misunderstanding.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 55 and it invites you to make changes in your consciousness that help you grow in your spiritual life to improve your material life.


Today, during the afternoon, you’ll feel like a little break and you should take it. Your body is wise and it drives you to make some changes in your routines. Listening to this call of nature takes you straight on the path that leads to your well-being. Remember the consequences you have suffered from not listening to your bodily needs. You aren’t a machine, Capricorn.