Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 6

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Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




The moon from an earth sign gives you a magnetic charisma and sensuality. If you go to that meeting or celebration to which you’ve been invited, you’ll be the centre of attention at the party.

You have an opportunity to resume a smouldering relationship that has been interrupted by a misunderstanding.

Magical Horoscope suggests that you make the most of this favourable alignment of the stars to communicate your feelings and not keep anything to yourself. Now that you know that everyone behaves a different way and sees life from their own point of view, you are more certain of the validity of your views on love and relationships.


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If you go out for a walk to a shopping centre, you have to take special care of your purse or your wallet since you’re predisposed to loss.

Today has very positive tones and a good predisposition to acquire clothes that enhance your figure and get excellent discounts. Venus in a good aspect to your sun illuminates you and fills you with vibrant energies of beauty, affability and enthusiasm.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 550. This number guides you towards positive choices and good vibrations. They show that you’re being accompanied by your guardian angel.


You can make the most of today and go for a good massage and a detox session. It can be lymphatic drainage or a gentle massage technique to eliminate tensions and help your tired legs relax. Or perhaps an immersion in micro-strained algae that have lipolytic and firming properties. You can also take mint infusions to help eliminate toxins.

Pampering yourself like that reaffirms your self-esteem, makes your heart happy and helps you relax, which contributes to a better performance in all your intellectual activities.