Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


You’re entering a new stage when it comes to your feelings. You’re different and you show new ways of loving. You need attention and you hope that the person you’re in love with now knows how to give you the love you have shown each day back.

The intensity of your feelings isn’t always rewarded, perhaps you aren’t showing what you have inside you out of fear or shyness. Opening your heart to the person with whom you want to spend your life will bring very positive changes.

Those who are single can try to approach someone who they like very much. You deserve to experience an adventure.


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You’ll experience a day when intuition marks the destination where you should direct all your energy. It’s best that you take your time to finish everything you’re doing properly. Check all the details so you don’t regret it when something wasn’t agreed on properly or was wrong.

The stars are in this position will make you go slower than usual, so you can be on top of things and avoid serious conflicts with clients or your boss.


There’s an energy in Capricorn natives that makes them prone to pregnancies so they should be much more careful than usual if they still feel it isn’t the right time to bring a Taurus sign native into the world. Otherwise, those who are looking to add a new member to their family should take advantage of the wonderful astral energy that invokes motherhood today.

And nothing is worth feeling anxiety in these cases, you’ll have to wait for days to pass before confirming the good news.  Remember that pregnancy tests don’t always tell the truth, if you’re in doubt it’s best to go to your doctor to get checked.