Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Everyone knows about your tendency to use gifts and material things as displays of affection, but you need to understand, Capricorn that not everything can be bought. Many of the ways people show their love are intangible. 

You will need to make some changes if you want to preserve this relationship. Neptune is positioned in your Sun which might help your spirit blossom, now that you're about to enter a new stage of your life. 

Making this shift in focus will not be easy, changing your opinions and points of view cannot be done overnight but you will make it work if you want to be happy. 


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All the planets that are crossing your sign these days are influencing you to use all your might and push forward. You will see how all your projects start coming to life. 

This Wednesday will be a lucky one for anything to do with money and business. Don't take it for granted, though, because this strike of luck needs some effort from you as well. 

The lucky number of today is 17. This tarot number connects to your lucky star and can help achieve your dreams. 


Be careful with what you eat as the planets foresee digestive problems or even food poisoning. 

Make sure you check the expiration date on all the products you consume and keep an eye out for fresh food if you're eating outside. 

Green salads such as lettuce, lamb's lettuce, or regular lettuce could hide potentially harmful bacteria and agrochemical solutions, so be extra careful washing the salads today.