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If you see that there are people or situations that stand between you and your partner, you’ll have to make a decision to stop that problem in time. It’s useless to be aware that there’s something that isn’t right if you let time pass without doing anything to improve it.

The moon entering an earth sign reinforces your capacity for analysis and gives you the ability to illuminate those dark areas that disturb you so much.

It’s time to discriminate and order your thoughts in order to decide what you want for your life.

The natives who are single will notice that this Saturday they are being too fussy. They’re suffering a tendency to seek perfection and there’s no way they can be with anyone like this.

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It’ll be very hard for you to get a business idea going that you’ve had in mind these days. It’s best that you nourish ideas or images regarding this issue to get out of that mental labyrinth. Connecting with people who have already managed to do it, calculating all the expenses that setting it in motion would bring, drawing, making sketches and descriptive pictures will be very inspiring and will help you to evaluate if it’s really viable and is within your possibilities.

Do it in a creative way, it’ll be very nice Capricorn.


Perhaps you’re one of the natives who are having a complex battle with the scale. Weight problems, the possibility of getting fat or losing weight aren’t motivated only by what you eat but also by emotional states that lead you to need more or less body fat. Your body reacts to what you feel and if you’ve been having episodes of stress, you may be a victim of a defense mechanism that your body activates in front of certain psychological patterns. Ask a psychologist for help to unmask your true feelings.