Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




When faced with problems, it would be best to stay quiet. Keeping your comments to yourself will be your ally today, and protect you from more significant issues. 

It's the ideal moment to make use of all your powers, including your metaphysical skills. 

Your characteristics, the way you lead your daily life and all the struggles you go through to protect what is yours are coveted skills by those who don't possess them. This might result in unwanted attention and negative energies toward your love life. 

Make use of all your shields and protect against toxic energies and people. 


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The planets are bestowing you with positive energies meant to help you reach success. You may be contemplating starting your own business - keep pushing forward and don't pay attention to the naysayers and their frustrations. 

Imagine all you could achieve if you made use of all your intelligence, don't feel discouraged and keep fueling that energy and motivation. 

Dreams exist so we can make them true. 

Today's lucky number for Capricorn natives is 15 - it symbolizes abundance in the shape of financial progress


Lately, you have been struggling with food allergies. Having a "tiny" bite, as harmless as it seems, will still cause some unpleasant reactions. 

Don't play with fire, Capricorn. You're already weakened by fatigue; there's no need to make yourself feel ill. 

Stay away from all the allergens that you know can hurt you.