Capricorn Magic Horoscope 7
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Maybe you should adapt to the needs of a loved one Capricorn. If your partner needs you to make a sacrifice, you won't hesitate to show all your good predisposition to provide your unconditional support.

The moon will be next to the evil Pluto today and that’s something that doesn’t favour you since it could bring intense scenes of emotional pain or strong family conflicts.

Women may be going through a time of discomfort and sadness. Avoid arguing with people who are imbalanced or difficult.

It’s an auspicious day to let things go and not take anything too personally. Even if someone isn’t very nice, you have to turn a blind eye.

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Trust your instincts. No one better than Capricorn to understand time cycles and the way in which the material world develops.

It’s time to watch what happens around you carefully. It’s very important that you’re careful and take your time in order to see who your true allies are.

You should keep the goals you’ve set yourself in mind and not allow complex feelings or emotions disturb you, because all they do is tire you and destabilise you.

You need to take a break from time to time so you can think about your true priorities. If you work endlessly you won’t be able to think clearly Capricorn.

You could discover a hoax or small scam. You’ll find out who the culprit is.


You might be experiencing a period of well-being that floods you with energy. You have to learn to moderate the way in which you use your energy. Otherwise, you could wear yourself out.

Today you should take some time to rest. Use your intellectual strength to relax through writing, reading or any intellectual activity you enjoy.