Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 7

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The stars warn you of having inconveniences because of conversations at a wedding, a baptism or family reunion. You may experience a dangerous approach to a person you considered forgotten and buried away forever. However, the embers of passion never really go completely out.

If you’re single, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to restart the relationship to give yourself that chance you didn’t have at the time. But if one of the two is in a committed relationship, the best thing is not to generate conflicts. The problem is that you could arouse jealousy or tense situations that you can avoid if you really want to. No one better than Capricorn knows the limits and responsibilities towards family. Going with the flow without thinking would be a big mistake.


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Outbursts and nervous breakdowns could generate material losses. Be especially careful not to break anything in your home. Or lose valuable items in public places. The tendency is that your brain thinking too fast favours these annoying situations.

It isn’t serious, but the sentimental value of objects is often greater than the material.

If you want, you could make the most of the vibrant energy that stays in the sky during the afternoon and favours the organisation of expenses and schedules for the week.


If you’re one of those people who can’t avoid the temptation of eating everything they offer you at parties and social gatherings, you’re lost, Capricorn.

 The moon predisposes you to gluttony and greed for succulent meals. The problem will be during the second part of the day. You’ll feel terrible if you let yourself get carried away by temptations. Your stomach won’t resist without sending clear signals.

Avoid sugar and creams. Desserts and carbonated drinks. They are a fatal mix that could provoke a sensation of annoying and even painful satiety.