Daily Capricorn | MagicHoroscope



The positions of the Moon and Neptune in Piscis is favorable for you as they will bestow you with more sensitivity and empathy. Walk down the path you feel is right even though it may feel different to what you would typically do,Capricorn. 

We are faced many times with the unpleasant choice of either continuing with something comfortable and easy, but lacking in joy or going for the utterly unknown adventure. 

Don't doubt your sensitivity even though your reputation as a cold, stern person precedes you. No one but you knows the secrets of your heart. 

Take a break from the world and think about the powerful and flexible bamboo tree. It can double over without breaking. 



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You feel trapped by the daily cycle of work-home. 

Courage will be needed should you wish to make a more significant change. You're having a hard time deciding what to do, and your low self-esteem is not helping you either. 

You worry about your daily expenses and how they could be affected by these changes. You're faced with many bills and it's no wonder you're not willing to spend a dime extra. 

Begin a new adventure towards your freedom



You're likely to suffer because of lack of exercise and every day you're feeling tenser. Your knees and elbows feel like they need a good oiling every morning when you get up. 

It would be a good idea to work out a little bit, perhaps do some gymnastics or go swimming, it will improve the health of your joints tenfold.