Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



On Sunday you’ll receive an unexpected visit. Surprisingly, a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time arrives from a distant place and knocks on your door. You’ll have to be able to handle the situation with caution since your partner may feel upset. It’s likely that you had other plans for the rest day and you’ll need to find a way to reconcile the needs of both people.

Joy will fill your heart knowing that you haven’t lost this beloved person and that time hasn’t affected your relationship.

The natives who are single will have the possibility of reunions that force them to observe the attitudes they’ve had in the past.

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The best mental attitude for today is to know that there’s no better saving than the organisation of expenses.

Keeping your accounts well organised has allowed you to reach the place where you are without suffering negative consequences. You’ve been able to make movements in pursuit of material growth by collecting each cent and with exact control of your expenses.

Today you can enjoy the rewards of this order. People around you could mock you or believe that the way you do things is exaggerated, however, today you can show how good it is for you.

Enjoy your life and the benefits of your efforts. Give yourself that permission without feeling guilty today.

The number that guides the natives of your sign is the number 202 that suggests you trust in the beauty of living in the community and cooperating with other people to enjoy favourable situations.


You’ll see that the ailments you’ve suffered in the last few days tend to improve from today thanks to the influences of the moon in an earth sign. If you’re careful with your habits and don’t eat too much, you’ll feel great.