Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The moon moves to an air sign and helps communication, to be able to express what you feel with the right words and to listen to what people are trying to tell you with your intellectual ability.

All the natives of your sign are going through one of the most transformative seasons of their life.They have a lot to analyse and this moon helps mental processes, which makes them very capable of associating ideas and feelings and using them so that they can find creative solutions to emotional problems.

You can ask for the wishes you want to see fulfilled during the next few days by making the most of the good planetary influences that are happening today. You’ll see that the most intimate desires of your heart take shape with ease.

You can look to connect with flowers. They drive the desires of people who know how to see their energy of vitality and growth. Dandelion is famous for being a bearer of desires by blowing its seeds into the wind. Did you know about that?  


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Who’s going to stop you? There’s no way for obstacles to slow down your progress when you decide on something. Your potential and your willpower are the columns on which your strength rests.

If you’d let yourself get carried away by false news that made you suspect that you would lose your source of work, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you’ll see that it isn’t actually true and that many of your fears are unfounded.

You can focus on your work with a calm mind and the confidence that each person who has filled your ears with lies will have a taste of their own medicine sooner or later.


The care you give yourself will show results quickly. The changes you have done pay off. Soon you won’t have to go to the doctor’s office except for routine checks or tests. You’ll feel the satisfaction of giving yourself the love you need to feel good.