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Once you overcome the hard moments of disappointment, emotional issues will begin to take a turn Capricorn.

The Moon in the detached and free sign of Aquarius gives you the necessary fresh air to see where you’ve failed and be more easy-going. Today you can overcome some trauma or oppressive thoughts of the past.

You won’t blame others anymore. Now you can understand and forgive your negative or wrong actions.

It’s time to build new realities in your life! You don’t have to stay in regrets if the past wasn’t the way you wanted.

Today is a new day and a new week. It’s the 7th and that’s a lucky number for the natives of your sign.

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When matters of the heart don’t happen the way you’d like, the stars help you with your finances and career.

This Monday you can hope to receive good news about a legal matter. You have done your best and that’s why the law protects you.

Don’t believe that triumph belongs to those who commit crimes or scams, on the contrary, this time you’ll see the effects of bad karma act on your enemies sooner than you imagined.

A letter that arrives at work assures you of something you suspected but that you lacked evidence for.

Capricorn, you’ve had a lot to fight for, you’ve been trying to get by for a while and you’re tired. The stars show a sequence of blessings for your life.

The best prospects come. Thank the Universe for everything it gives you.


You no longer have to think that your body looks inappropriate. If someone makes you feel too skinny or too fat, too tall or too short, too modern or too outdated... You already know those words don’t represent you.

You’re all that you should be and you should take pride in yourself with your defects and virtues. When you’re in front of the mirror, look at the image you reflect with love Capricorn.