Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 7

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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The natives of your sign might have to stay sharp today.

Capricorn, you'll be forced to make a decision by the circumstances and you won't be able to think or evaluate anything. You won’t have too many options. The path you follow will be the right one, don’t worry. Other moments in your life have led you to be in a very difficult position and you've survived. This will be possible once again.

The planetary aspects show that this Saturday, the natives of the third position will experience moments in love that will be difficult to forget.

An argument can unveil many secrets that you didn't think were possible about your partner.

Native singles can experience moments of romance and intimacy. Enjoy them without thinking about tomorrow so much.

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Today, the stars show a tendency of destiny to offerings and temptations that could lead you to break past the barriers of your ethics.

Money is something that everyone wants to have, to a greater or lesser extent, but forgetting about your convictions and your morals to obtain the vile metal is something that isn't normal in you.

Other signs may get carried away by deception, but not the natives of Capricorn. You're one of those people who like to comply with the law. You've even taken it to the absurd in some moments of your life.

Discard these proposals that are so far from your essential nature. What you need for your life will reach your hands without delay. Trust the abundance that the heavens have planned for you.


The stars show a state of discomfort that isn't due to any disease or illness but is quite annoying. You may be going through a somewhat negative emotional process today that robs you of your energy.

You'll want to rest and you deserve it because you've done so many activities during the week.