Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 8

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Try not to show your indecision towards the person you love since you could generate confusing situations in which you could get stuck. The energy of the moon in an air sign during the afternoon predisposes the spirits to conversations. But you know what happens when you talk a lot and say very little: gossip will begin to circulate if you don’t have the initiative and explain your point of view.

When choosing, think for a moment and take the best path for you and your loved ones.

Fertility winds are perceived for women of this sign. If you’re looking to have a baby, today is an excellent day for that.


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Great changes and unexpected situations occur at work. Take the surprise calmly so as not to lose your past achievements. If you get blocked, it’ll be worse. You’d be making a big mistake and you’d regret the results today.

If you still don’t have a job, today is an auspicious day where you could be contacted for a test or temporary job. Don’t be afraid, everything will turn out great.

Of all the planetary alignments, it’s clear that what at first sight might be a loss could be a great opportunity to generate new revenues or the appearance of a prize.

Don’t despair and let time do its magic. The lucky number for today is 8. The ancient Chinese sages believed that this number favoured abundance because it represented the infinite.


There’s a dangerous tendency to want to finish everything in less time than is really possible. You’ll suffer outbursts and nervousness that could expose you to accidents, blows and arguments.

On the other hand, your sex life is favoured by the stars. Sensuality and eroticism stand out during the last hours of the day. A love encounter will be a paradise within the hell your day has been in general.