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Your significant other will feel a little abandoned today, and they need more attention from you. They won't be vocal about it, but they will use looks and attitudes to convey the message. 

You could turn today into a memorable Friday; it's a perfect day to start a new romantic phase. 

What could you do as a couple that you'd never be able to do on your own? Perhaps plan a trip to a tropical country, get immersed in a different culture that you can both discover. Try making holiday plans together; it will help you get closer to each other. 

Single natives might feel a strong attraction toward someone who lives an entirely different life to their own. 



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Friday is the last day of the week and your energy for work has dissipated. You're tired of the daily routine, and you would like to finish early and meet some friends. 

You have a few bills to pay, and you're worried about a loan you gave someone, and they have yet to pay you back. 

Don't be alarmed, the money you so desperately need will find a way to get back to you when you least expect it. 

Your friends and acquaintances will help you in this matter, they know about your concerns, and they want to help you settle this. 


Are you procrastinating doing exercise, Capricorn? Your body is screaming that it needs some movement so that your joints stay in shape. Try going to a stretching class. 

These exercises are more important than going for a run as they prepare your body for better results, and does not put pressure on the joints.