Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


The moon on Capricorn makes you feel free and detached from everything from first thing in the morning. You will be lighter when it comes to your feelings, and you won't tolerate anything that resembles possessiveness today.

You will run away from anything that makes you feel someone is in control of you or that someone is telling you what you have to do. 

Today, you might have the feeling that your emotional matters aren't going very well, and in the afternoon you could have some arguments due to money matters, and you won't want just to stand there listening to reproaches. 

Don't worry, it will be something that won't last long, and you'll be able to end the day in peace. 

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You have too many things in your head today, Capricorn, so you will be distracted, and you might lose something. 

You are lost in thought, thinking about what you want for your future and when you go for it, magic! It has disappeared. 

The gnomes might be playing hide and seek with you. 

You are incredibly tidy, and you're always in control of your stuff, but your mind will betray you, and you will lose a lot of time looking for your keys, that receipt, bank cards, and other belongings.

Don't get overwhelmed; you'll end up finding everything. 

32 is your lucky number for today.


You are worried about your distraction, and you will notice that you have not been fully present in your here and now.

Don't expect things to come out well if anxiety takes control of you; it would be good for you to get into the good habit of doing your tasks thinking only about what you are doing.

Conscious attention is a very good exercise that attracts prosperity and benefits the nervous system. Try this practice and benefit in all aspects of your life.