Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You will have the chance to clarify an uncertain situation that had you worried. 

Capricorn natives tend to avoid conflict and romantic turmoil, however, once they fall into the arms of passion, it might be difficult for them to focus their intentions. 

Pay close attention to what you say. Committed Capricorns could end up having a massive falling out with their partner this Friday evening. Perhaps it would be best to enjoy Woman's Day without any other fussing. 

Seek clarity within your soul and find the areas that need improving. 



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You might fall victim to someone's devious plan but what they don't know is that their actions will, in fact, set in motion positive changes in your work life. 

Flexibility will help you make the most of this situation. 

These changes will bring about positive advancement, so you also need to get a move on things. 

Motion equals emotion - remember this when you plan your financial ascend. 

On the other hand, you could be experiencing an influx of negative energies - a simple ritual will rid you of these. Get a few fresh lemons, cut them in two and place them around the house, in each corner. Lemons are a cleaning agent that absorb all the negativity in the home or work space.  


You won't have an easy life if you try to solve everyone's problem. Remember that you can't help solve every existing problem.  

Try not to feel responsible for your friends' ailments, either. Worrying and feeling guilty are emotions that can end up harming you. 

If need be, speak to a therapist that can help you channel your thoughts better. Many people tend to prioritize others' needs which is why they end up forgetting about themselves.