Capricorn Daily Horoscope for May 8

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
Capricorn Daily Horoscope |

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A feeling of renewal invades you. It seems that everything you have in your love life is going through a fantastic time. Their expression when they look at you, the tender way in which you look at each other in front of everyone else shows an air of romance that permeates your hearts.

All this planetary vibration propitiates the possibility of declarations of love, proposals and beneficial changes that show you’re moving forward in your romantic relationship.

Singles can expect someone to recognise their virtues and approach them with romantic intentions.


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Don’t take any notice of the bad energy that some people try to share. Your finances and your career are both going well.

Wanting others to be happy for your success is a lot to ask, but you should at least be careful and pay attention since the influence of the evil planet Pluto can expose you to problems that people who don’t love you and who want to take away what you’ve built with so much effort will want to generate.

Magical Horoscope alerts you and suggests that you protect yourself using a talisman of some kind. You could use a pendant of Saint Benedict or a four-leaf clover. According to your beliefs, you can empower this object to protect you from envy and evil.


The discomfort and tiredness you feel is something that you should in no way link with a disease or strange ailments unless you know that you have a diagnosis. Many people feel the same way, especially the natives of your sign.

It’s because the cosmic state of the South Node in your sign brings fatigue and sadness.

The best thing you can do is avoid complaints, stop reading bad news for a few days. The world is not going to get worse if you don’t hear about the wars or misfortunes that happen. Today, be free of these bad news. Drink plenty of clean water and rest your body for as long as possible. You’re receiving a lot of information for your growth from the Cosmos that you have to take in.