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To be loved, you have to love yourself and the last few days you’ve given too much to others and therefore you could be exhausted.

The truth is that it’s time to shine again the way you always have. Focus your energy and connect with what you want.

Someone you like may be trying to get close to you Capricorn. You don’t pay attention to what happens around you and that’s why you have overlooked the way they look at you and how much you seem to interest them. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll think carefully before making a mistake and if you’re single, you should choose wisely.

Love could be closer than you imagine and perhaps it’s in that cheerful and blissful person, Capricorn.

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This Tuesday, the natives of your sign could be anxious and even rude when interacting with others. Impatience could lead you to make mistakes at work today.

You have many skills and abilities that today will be reduced by situations that don’t depend on you. You’ll want to show how much you know about a specific topic and people will stop you. That’s why you could experience some frustration.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign today is 7. This number warns you of the need to put more energy into your ventures to move forward even if you see impediments in your path. It guides you towards the search for a new world.


Your health is good in general, but apathy and boredom can lead you to neglect some aspects that you already had on track for a very positive personal care path.

 Go back to healthy eating and exercise as soon as possible. Your body reacts when you give it good nutrition Capricorn.