Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 9

Your horoscope for Tuesday
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Today is a day in which you need to turn your rational aspects towards your feelings, evaluate your romantic issues, try to decipher what you feel for your partner. Understand your motivations and what leads you to have incomprehensible reactions with the people you love most.

Out of everything that matters to you in life, love is one of the things that is the hardest for you and what most doubts generates. Pluto in your sign brings you persecutory thoughts in which you think you’re being deceived or that someone is hiding some sentimental information from you.

You have the right to happiness Capricorn, you don’t need to ask anyone for permission to enjoy life and your feelings, don’t let them take the power over your life from you by manipulating your feelings and your emotions. Life is today.

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For these difficult days in which you need extra money to be able to afford your expenses, the possibility of taking a new job in your spare time opens up. Even if it’s not too stimulating or if it bothers you to be doing something that is really not your thing, don’t reject it. It’s a chance to earn what you need for this months’ bills.

 Investigate if you can get a bank loan because you could take a loan and get involved in some sort of entrepreneurial activity.

You often doubt your ability, but you’re being favoured by the presence of Saturn that provides you with the strength and persistence you need to face an effort of this nature.


You’re feeling repetitive symptoms, pains that don’t go away and that persist in your daily life. Your denial will disguise as optimism and that can play tricks on you. You don’t have to let yourself get carried away by fantasies and believe that your health is as strong as iron. If pain persists, you need to see if there are any problems by seeing a doctor.